Games Where You Cast Weapons Flash

It is one thing to have access to hundreds of thousands of games whenever you want them. But it is another thing to know exactly what kind of flash games that you like to play and when you plan on playing them. If you have a certain type of game genre that you want to play but you can’t decide which game in that genre is best for you, I can help. I’m going to list a few flash games for you to choose from that will allow you to cast weapons in them. Side note that none of these games are for certain free to play without an account, so visit these sites and games with that in mind.

The first game on the list is called Jacksmith, it is a game that is available to be played. In this specific game you get to control and run a forge and you will have to level up to create the best and strongest weapons for your warriors.

The next game on the list is actually two games instead of one, this specific game has two versions so when you complete the first one you can move on to the next one. These games are called Gun Mayhem and Gun Mayhem 2 and you can play both of them on AmorGames. This game is a fighting one but you have the option to pick up and use weapons throughout the rounds so that you can beat your opponent. 

And finally, the last game on the list is a game that you can play on Agame and it is called 3, 2, 1, Spell! Magic Wizard Game. The concept of the game is to build up your wizarding powers and out spell all of your opponents. You can learn spells that require you to have skills in Earth, air, fire, or water, and become the most powerful wizard in all of the land.