Fireboy and Watergirl

Ask some students if they’ve ever played Fireboy and Watergirl and watch their faces light up with excitement. I could barely get the words out of my mouth before they were telling me all about it. I logged onto the site Fireboy and Watergirl and found five different versions of the game. Within minutes of playing this interesting escape-room style puzzle game, I was hooked. Each iteration of the game offers new backdrops and environments to navigate through as you guide the characters out of dangerous mazes. 

Fun is better with Friends

While this game can be easily played by one person, the amusement and excitement triples when playing with a friend. I played the game by myself for a while, but found it to be much more fun with a partner. Maps get harder and harder as players move through the game, so it really helps to have another brain helping you to solve each puzzle. The scores are time based, so there’s the added bonus of trying to beat your own time scores. Mastery of the rooms and gameplay make this easier, even when your playing with a partner who’s playing for the first time. This becomes really fun when you and a buddy are competing against pairs of coworkers or peers for the best scores.  

Choose Your own Challenge

The gameplay for Fireboy and Watergirl is refreshingly light, and doesn’t take up a lot of memory on your computer. As a working adult, it’s something I can jump into throughout the day when I need a quick break from my work or when I’ve just ended a workday. It’s exactly the kind of game I’d like to play to decompress for a few minutes. Fire Boy and Water Girl (as it’s called in some places) is something that will challenge you on a cognitive level without draining your creativity. With each room that you escape, at least three more rooms are available for you to choose from. By completing rooms, you open up pathways to other rooms that you can play. Each of the the game’s five versions has more than 35 rooms of varying difficulty.  

Anyone Can Play

Fireboy and Watergirl can be played from a desktop or laptop with Flash enabled.

It uses the keyboard to navigate the characters and the controls are entirely directional. Simply put, the controls are easy to use and play. While the dangers in each room will require your creativity to get past, they can all be averted with just the directional buttons. This game is also accessible to anyone who uses the Cool Math servers. Students can log on from their school-issued devices or go to So it’s very likely you won’t have any trouble finding partners to play along with.